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Using Social Justice to Teach Policy, Advocacy and Scholarship in a DNP Program

Although ethical content is required for all levels of nursing education, it frequently gets short shrift. Social justice is the branch of ethics that addresses the justice of relations between groups, such as populations, programs, policies and organizations. Students also sometimes find ethical content too far removed from “real” nursing, not clinically focused enough, and social justice even farther removed. In this session, we will review what we know about the challenges of teaching social justice and policy in the Frontier DNP program.

Free CE Session: FDA Upscheduling of Hydrocodone and the Effect on Nurse Practitioner’s Pain Management Practices

This Free CE Session will be available until November 13, 2019. Advanced practice registered nurses are expert clinicians who take a comprehensive approach to healthcare, using clinical expertise to diagnose and treat health conditions in primary, acute and specialty care settings with a focus on disease prevention and health management. The APRN’s scope of practice varies by state, with autonomous practice in only 24 states. These clinicians have lobbied for a unified Consensus Model for independent practice across the United States allowing them to practice to their full educational level. A recent change in narcotic medication scheduling has created yet another barrier for APRNs.