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Answer the Call to Service: Master the Self

As a busy practitioner dedicated to patient wellness, you are answering the call to serve your community and ensure high quality care. With this focus and dedication to your patients, it is often easy to overlook your own health and wellness. Join us for an inspiring session to explore how to master the self while you are answering the call to serve others.

Nurse Practitioners in Action Serving Their Communities

Hear from FNU nurse practitioner faculty as they share stories of how they are impacting their communities and carrying out the mission of serving rural, diverse and underserved populations.

A Team-Based Approach to Improving Timely Sepsis Care

A rapid cycle quality improvement project was completed, consisting of four plan-do-study-act cycles over 90 days. Each cycle included tests of change related to team and patient engagement, screening, and the use of timely sepsis orders.

FREE CE: Reflective Practice: A Leadership Enhancement Tool

John Dewey, an American philosopher stated, “We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience.” This presentation will focus on the use of reflective practice to enhance leadership skills, improve interpersonal relationships, and heighten personal self-awareness in nurses. The presentation will provide practical reflective practice tools for nurses in various settings.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner: A Journey in Distance Education – LIVE Session

This session is presented by Dr. Paula Alexander-Delpech and FNU Chair for the Department of Family Nursing Dr. Lisa Chappell This live session is for current nurse practitioner students or anyone who is interested in becoming a nurse practitioner. Join Frontier Nursing University faculty and students to learn about the distance education journey. Get the […]

Pharmacology CE – Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: Trends in Treatment

This session is presented by FNU faculty member Dr. Billinda Tebbenhoff Approximately 4.4 million children and adolescents in the United States (CDC, 2020) meet diagnostic criteria for an anxiety disorder and many more remain undiagnosed. Though anxiety and stress are an expected part of the human experience, consistently elevated anxiety can interfere with a child’s sense […]

Nurse Practitioners Leading Care Through Telehealth – LIVE Panel

This session is presented by FNU Nurse Practitioner Faculty Members Dr. Jess Calohan, Martha Harvey, Dr. Rachel Mack and Dr. Vicky Stone-Gale This session will include a LIVE panel of Frontier Nursing University nurse practitioner faculty members. Panel members will discuss a brief history of telehealth use in their respective specialties including family nursing, psychiatric-mental […]

Dismantling Implicit Bias to Promote Optimal Health Outcomes

This session is presented by FNU Faculty Members Dr. Katheryn Arterberry, Dr. Diane John and Dr. Lisa Chappell This session will focus on the negative impact of implicit bias on optimizing health outcomes. Advanced practice nurses will begin to identify a process for changing attitudes and behaviors which contribute to health disparities. Participants can expect […]

Assessment and Screening for Substance Use Disorders in the Primary Care Setting

The National Survey on Drug Use and Abuse report found that 1 in 12 American adults have a substance use disorder. In order to address the epidemic of substance abuse disorders, primary care nurse practitioners must universally assess, screen, and diagnose all clients. Participants in this session will explore evidence-based substance abuse assessment, screening, and diagnostic tools.

Free CE Session – Novel Treatment Approaches to Substance Abuse

The incidence of substance abuse in the United States has reached epidemic levels. To address this epidemic, advanced nurse practitioners must possess pharmacological competency in the treatment of common substance abuse disorders. Pharmacological treatments for common substance use disorders will be discussed during this session and participants will be eligible for pharmacologic CE credits.

FNP Program Q&A – Creating a Culture of Community

Calling all future family nurse practitioners! This session is for you if you are a registered nurse considering the path to becoming a family nurse practitioner. Find out about FNU’s distance education program and get the inside scoop from current students about their experience. Hear about the joys and challenges of life as a nurse practitioner caring for families.

Creating a Culture of Impact: Stories of Community Quality Improvement – Alumni and Faculty Panel

Join us for an impactful panel presentation hosted in collaboration with FNU’s IHI Open School Chapter. Hear stories of FNU's mission in action through visual storytelling as nurse practitioner alumni and faculty share their community projects and initiatives for serving diverse, rural and underserved populations. We hope you will be inspired by these real-life examples of quality improvement and community impact and leave with ideas to take back to your own community.

PMHNP Program Q&A – Creating a Culture of Community

Calling all future psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners! This session is for you if you are a registered nurse considering the path to providing mental health care as a PMHNP. Find out about FNU’s distance education program and get the inside scoop from current students about their experience. Hear about the joys and challenges of life as a nurse practitioner.

Creating a Culture of Community Engagement from a Distance – The Frontier Student Experience

At Frontier Nursing University we are committed to students’ active engagement in their coursework with faculty and peers. We use a variety of techniques throughout the curriculum to allow students to do this. Learn about the simulations, role plays, immersive discussions, games, grand rounds, and other techniques we currently employ.

Advanced Practice Nurses: Adopting a Health Equity Lens

Advanced practice nurses are positioned to play a major role in addressing health disparities and shaping the future of healthcare to ensure health equity. Join FNU for an inspiring session focused on adopting a health equity lens, and walk away with some key actions to take in your own practice or work environment.

KEYNOTE SESSION – The Best Place to Work: Creating Safe and Equitable Work Environments for All

Join FNU for this special kick-off to National Nurse Practitioner Week and hear from Dr. Tiffany Love, Adult and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, award-winning keynote speaker, C-suite executive and founder of the Love Leadership Foundation with more than 30 years of healthcare experience. During this presentation, Dr. Love will identify evidence-based strategies that advanced practice nurses can take back to their communities and practices to promote excellence and equity in the workplace. Her inspiring presentation will educate and inspire nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives to collaborate with their teams to create a supportive, inclusive, and safe work environment.

FREE CE Session – Demystifying Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Clinical Setting

Autism Spectrum Disorder consists of a wide range of symptoms and can be very challenging for both client and caregiver. Effective treatment consists of gaining an understanding related to hypothesized causes, becoming familiar with both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment approaches, and learning how to support the individual that has been diagnosed with the disorder. In addition, caregivers must recognize the need for self-care, reflection, and health. To fully support and be an effective member of the treatment team, the caregiver must be able to utilize and employ coping strategies to help deal with stress, anxiety, and perceived failure.

PANEL DISCUSSION – Nurse Practitioner Community Connection: Building Communities Through NP Care

Join Frontier Nursing University to learn about the distance education journey and career path for nurse practitioners and how our alumni and students are serving diverse, rural, and underserved communities. Get the inside scoop from a panel composed of students and alumni from FNU's three specialty tracks including family nurse practitioner, psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner and women’s health care nurse practitioner. Hear from these students and graduates as they discuss their experiences as graduate level nursing students and how they are impacting their communities.

FREE CE SESSION – The Second Victim Experience: Caring for our Own

Today’s healthcare workforce has faced many clinical challenges. Most clinicians adjust well to the variety of demands encountered during an emotionally charged clinical event. However, emotional stress can cause the individual to experience what is now known as the ‘second victim phenomenon.’ Realizing the impact of this experience and recognizing the need for supportive interventions is critically important to help safeguard a healthy recovery. This presentation provides insights into the lived experience and interventional support that helps to ensure support strategies are readily available for members of our healthcare workforce.