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Building Bridges from Birth Center to Hospital: Transfer and Collaboration

The process of transfer from birth center to hospital presents challenges for the transferring woman and providers at both sites. The Model Practice Guidelines for Transfer from Home or Birth Center to Hospital will be presented. A model of collaboration between a birth center and a University Hospital based Family Medicine Maternal and Child health service will be presented. Case studies will be offered from both a CPM and CNM center.

Optimizing Collaboration in the Healthcare Team

Join us in this session aimed at optimizing collaboration among physicians, nurse-midwives and other healthcare providers. Hear about the learned experiences of these providers and the value this provides for the consumer. Take home tips for making your team more effective.

Making Change Happen with the Consumer as the Center of the Team

This presentation will address the maternity care crisis through the consumer voice and the need for unity around the common purpose of improving maternity care. Frustrated by the care she witnessed women receiving during ten years as a community level childbirth professional, Dawn mobilized other mothers across the country to take to the streets. In just two short years, has grown into a powerful consumer voice with thousands of volunteers and followers across the country. Come hear what consumers are already doing to bring about change and why we know they are the answer to the problem. She’ll share how marketing and social media play a huge role in engaging people like never before and how you can get involved to help usher in the transformation of maternity care.

Strong Start and the Midwifery Model of Care in Birth Centers

This presentation will describe the background and purpose of the Strong Start program and AABC enrollment goals, project and evaluation design, a look at preliminary data, and how this research may impact future access to midwifery and birth center care.

Collaborative Approach to Global Maternity Healthcare

After traveling to Haiti in 2003 as part of a medical team, Nadene Brunk, CNM, witnessed first hand the lack of resources and skilled care for pregnant women. Determined to provide a long term solution, Nadene formed a small team of volunteer midwives and medical professionals and soon returned to Haiti. At the request of a Haitian community leader, she established a culturally appropriate training program for Haitian nurses in Hinche. Today that program is known as Midwives for Haiti. As of 2015, Midwives for Haiti has graduated nearly 100 Skilled Birth Attendants. These women and mean, armed with the knowledge and skills to educate and care for their own communities, will be the change-makers of Haiti.

Real Life with the Team: Realities of a Multi-setting Midwifery Practice

Hear about the successes and challenges of the Reading Health team. With a physician and nurse-midwife team as well as a multi-setting environment including a birth center and hospital practice, insights will be shared that can be applied to any collaborative practice.

Survival Tips for Nurse – Midwifery School

This session focuses on providing helpful tips to the nurse-midwifery student. Learn how to identify your resources and utilize them to support your success in achieving your dream of becoming a nurse-midwife.

The UF Health Birth Center- Notes from the Nest in North Florida

Cynthia Williams, Director at UF Health Birth Center, will share insights on how their team of providers work together to offer the best possible care for women. The UF Health midwifery team is composed of 2 CNMs, and 3 LMs who work closely with the College of Medicine, Dept of OB-GYN physicians. Hear how this birth center listens to mothers-to-be and creates a unique center offering a comfortable, calming, home-like environment where mothers can give birth in a soothing setting with their loved ones and family around them. “This is something a lot of women want, and we want to provide it for them, but we want to do it in the safest way possible,” said Guy Benrubi, MD, FACOG, University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville senior associate dean for faculty affairs and chair of obstetrics and gynecology.

Collaborating to Bring Birth Centers to Main Street

Learn about how the birth center model of care is being brought to the forefront through collaboration to extend the range of options available to women and their families. Birth centers are a significant part of an evidence-based, high-value strategy for maternity care, and a team approach is bringing this to Main Street.

Virtual Circle-Up Session for Family Care

Join Frontier Nursing University Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff, Preceptors, Supporters and Friends from across the country for this virtual circle-up session. By joining this session for only a few minutes, you will be demonstrating your support of meeting the challenge of providing quality care to all families worldwide. The "Circle-Up" session is a Frontier Nursing […]

Collaborative Practice: Why Change is Needed Now

Learn more about the state of health care in the US, maternal and neonatal outcomes and why change is needed now. Midwives must be part of the solution and lobby in order to achieve the needed change.