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Special Video Messages from Kitty Ernst

In celebration of National Midwifery Week and the 2016 “Let Our Stories Move You to Answer the Call” Digital Summit, we will be sharing special stories from Kitty Ernst herself. Every morning around 8:00 a.m. ET, we will be sharing a new video on this page with one of Kitty’s inspirational stories. We hope her messages inspire you to continue to Answer the Call as a nurse-midwife or supporter of nurse-midwifery care.

Moving to Expand Your Knowledge – “Pharmacology Update: What’s New for Women in Primary Care Practice”

Join us live for a FREE CE! Dr. Todd Carter will present a "Pharmacology Update: What's New for Women in Primary Care Practice." This continuing education session will allow you to discuss changes in current medications prescribed for women in primary care, distinguish pertinent pharmacokinetics for current medications used in the primary care of women and interpret clinical applications for current medications used in the primary care of women.

Celebrate the Visionary Who Moves Us: Kitty Ernst’s 90th Birthday

Join us live via Google Hangouts on Air to celebrate the 90th birthday of Kitty Ernst. We invite you to be a part of this special celebration. Sign on at 6:30 PM to help us blow out the candles, have a toast and to give Kitty your personal birthday wishes.

For half a century, Kitty has been a pioneer in both the field of midwifery and in developing the best care possible for families in pregnancy and birth. Please enjoy her full bio below.

Virtual Circle-Up: Moving Toward Quality Family Care For All

Join Frontier Nursing University Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff, Preceptors, Supporters and Friends from across the country for this virtual circle-up session. By joining this session for only a few minutes, you will be demonstrating your support of the movement toward meeting the challenge of providing quality care to all families worldwide.

The “Circle-Up” session is a Frontier Nursing University tradition students, faculty, and staff have participated in for decades. At the end of each campus experience, students, faculty and staff join hands to form a circle. Each person in the circle is invited to reflect or share their thoughts, emotions or take-away points from the event they have just experienced. It is a time to show appreciation to one another and to the Frontier experience as a whole.

Get Moving and Give Back Through Precepting

Hear stories from FNU preceptors about how they are giving back to the nurse-midwifery profession by molding our future nurse-midwives. We hope you'll be inspired to take action and get moving now to find your role in the mission of making more midwives. Preceptors are truly touching more families and more lives through student hands. If you feel inspired to move your career forward and shape the future of midwifery care by becoming a preceptor, we'd love for you to connect with us today at

Go Inside Two Birth Centers and See Why More Mothers are Choosing Birth Center Care

The number of midwifery-led birth centers has increased 65% in the past eight years and the hope is that this model of care will continue to grow. Get a glimpse into a typical day at a midwifery-led birth center by taking a virtual tour. Hear the heartwarming stories of families who chose birth center care and from nurse-midwives and birth center leaders on the importance of increasing care options for women and families.

The Heart of Midwifery: Get Moving to Protect, Honor and Nurture Birth Centers

Birth centers are the heart of midwifery and protecting, and honoring and nurturing birth centers is key for advancing midwifery care. Hear the inspiring story of FNU graduate Tracy Ryan as she shares the challenges and triumphs encountered throughout her journey as a certified nurse-midwife supporting the birth center model of care. All midwives can unite and find their place in supporting birth centers whether it be through advocating for birth centers, working in a birth center, advancing research and clinical practice for this model of care or actually playing a role in opening a birth center in your community. We hope Tracy's story will help you grow closer to finding your place in moving the heart of midwifery forward.

Moving Toward Clinical Leadership: DNP Student Stories

Hear from several FNU Doctor of Nursing Practice students about their DNP projects and the impact of their project work on their local community healthcare. They will also share why the DNP is essential in their career journey as a nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner.

The DNP Impact: Nurse-Midwives Improving Care for Families

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) was developed to meet the demand for advanced practice nursing leaders in an increasingly complex health care system. Hear from FNU Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates and how their DNP degree was essential to improving the healthcare of their communities. Stories of DNP projects and community outcomes will demonstrate the impact of advancing your education and clinical leadership.

Move Your Community Toward Improved Health: Expanding Your Role with a Psych-Mental Health or Family Nursing Specialty

Midwives don't just provide maternity care and attend births. Many midwives are taking their career a step further to ensure they are prepared to take care of the entire family and to provide not only primary and maternity care but also the mental health of the women they serve. As healthcare needs and the system change, the modern midwife will have a larger role to play in women's healthcare and health of the entire family in the U.S.

Sharing Stories: Stories of Becoming a Nurse-Midwife

Nurse-midwives are primary health care providers to women throughout the lifespan. Hear stories from Certified Nurse-Midwives about their journeys, why they chose this career path and what drives their passion to care for women, children and families.

Moving Toward Midwifery: Why Should I Become a Nurse-Midwife?

Who ME?…a midwife?…. If this is your initial reaction when thinking about pursuing a career as a nurse-midwife, this session will help you figure out if this is a good fit for you. Listen in as a former Labor & Delivery nurse, a former Certified Professional Midwife, a nurse with NO Labor & Delivery experience and other CNMs that come from other backgrounds discuss their experiences. These nurse-midwives had these same questions before deciding that becoming a Nurse-Midwife was their calling. Their stories will help open your eyes to the passion, dedication, love and joy that this career path entails.

Moving Toward Success: Your GPS for Navigating Nurse-Midwifery Education

Calling all midwifery students: Join this live session to get tips about surviving and thriving during your education. FNU's Associate Dean of Midwifery and Women's Health, Dr Tonya Nicholson and FNU's Clinical Director, Dr Jane Houston will share ideas and answer your burning questions!

Make a Move to Care for YOU: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

How in the world can I find time to take care of myself when I am completely immersed in caring for others? Do you ever find yourself asking this question? After a long night on call, all you want to do is collapse on the couch--- but don't forget about you. Dr Tonya Nicholson will share a new approach to self care for the busy professional. This will be a fun and lively session that may just require you to get up off your couch!

A Call to Action from the Founding Mothers: The Future of Nurse-Midwifery is in YOU

This energizing discussion with the founding mothers of midwifery Ruth Lubic and Kitty Ernst will inspire you to take action and make a difference in the future of nurse-midwifery. With more than fifty years of experience these founding mothers are full of helpful advice, inspring messages and words of wisdom for midwives today. Hear their […]

Nurse-Midwifery Moving Forward – Tying it All Together and Taking Action

FNU President Dr. Susan Stone and FNU Mary Breckinridge Chair of Midwifery Kitty Ernst reflect on the key messages and the many wonderful stories shared during FNU's second annual Digital Summit. They will tie all the messages together and share their thoughts on the future and how every person can play a role in advancing nurse-midwifery care.